Workshops 2019

InterGenerate 2019 Workshops

Tools to Equip Leaders for Developing Intergenerational Ministry in their Communities, Chris Barnett
Despite much talk in recent years around intergenerational ministry, a present and pressing challenge for churches and their leaders is to develop effective intergenerational practice that encourages discipleship across all ages. This workshop will present four different practical and engaging tools that can be used to assist leaders and congregations grow in their understanding – and implementation – of an intergenerational approach to ministry.

Here2Stay - Effective Discipleship for Parents and Faith Communities, Chris Barnett

Chris Barnett has extensive experience in congregational, regional and denominational ministry. His current role, Intergenerational Ministry (Children & Families) for the Uniting Church in Victoria & Tasmania, includes a strong emphasis on intergenerational engagement with a focus on consultancy, advocacy, resourcing and training in relation to intergenerational ministry. Chris is a keen participator and resourcer across a variety of networks, including the Australian Intergenerational Roundtable and the Australian Messy Church Roundtable.

AKTIF, Jacolize Becker
We live in a sport-crazy world. All cultures embrace sport and games as a way to “be together”. This workshop will look at practical examples to engage all generations through sport and games in a church setting, as well as ways to be missional in reaching out to your wider community. Be ready to be AKTIF!

Jacolize Becker has been working in Children and Family Ministry in NZ for the past 14 years. She is married to Anro and has two teenage boys: Dante (18) and Luca (15). She loves sport and people and believes the church can be powerfully missional and make disciples, in an intentionally intergenerational way, through sport and games.   

Intergenerational Fitness, Kimberly Bloom & Dino Nowak
Ask children their age and they’ll answer by holding up fingers.  Ask adults and you’ll likely make them uncomfortable. We’ve all heard that age is a state of mind-you can have a positive attitude at any age. This workshop will examine how adults and children benefit from fitness ministry that is for all generations.  As well as providing insights into what children experience when they are active and connected with adults of all ages. (See intergenerational fitness in Faith and Fitness Magazine:

Kimberly Bloom is the Character Strength Department Editor of Faith & Fitness Magazine. She has over thirty years experience in early childhood development and education with a Masters in Character Education from Regent University.  Kimberly is also the director for the NASA Langley Child Development Center. 
Dino Nowak is Editor of the 50+ department. He is an Exercise Physiologist (ACSM), Medical Exercise Specialist (ACE) and Functional Aging Specialist to name a few of his credentials. He is the President and Founder of Renu Health and Fitness in Nashville, TN and Raleigh, NC, an organization he started exclusively for adults over 40.

Cross-Generational Communication, Melissa Cooper
While there is more that unites than divides us generationally, understanding that there are differences between generations is an important step in bridging any generational gap. We do that through quality communication driven by empathy. This workshop will offer an overview of different generational cultures and practical guidelines for engaging in healthy, productive and empathetic conversation across generational lines.

Melissa Cooper is an ordained United Methodist minister in the Florida Annual Conference, currently serving as the Minister of Worship and Arts at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando, FL. She also serves as an Associate with Vibrant Faith. She has a passion for the present and future of the Church and loves helping to equip churches to expand and strengthen their ministries, especially around building intergenerational culture. She regularly works with churches around the country to develop intergenerational culture, and has spoken at numerous local, regional and national events on the subject of intergenerational ministry.

 Grow Together – A Practical Theology of Generational Inclusivity, Michael Droege

Michael Droege is a pastor with the International Council of Community Churches (ICCC), and has been in youth and family ministry for nearly 30 years. Michael has worked in both urban and suburban environments bringing a unique ability to listen to cultures and help churches draw out their best in their unique context. Michael currently serves as the Youth and Family Ministries Director of Wilson Memorial Church in Watchung, NJ and is a frequent workshop and conference speaker with two decades of experience training and coaching leaders.

Intergenerational Ministry Reimagined, Darwin Glassford
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (herein LDS) is a syncretistic religion with unique roots in North American history. This unique religion created a culture that supports a religion that is able to adapt as needed to larger cultural shifts. The LDS community has a strong intergenerational component designed to socialize young people into the LDS culture and religion. The socialization process is informed by high expectations, a commitment to mentoring, and accountability. This presentation will provide a brief and charitable introduction to LDS teachings, examine the three identified themes, and wrestle with their implications for intergenerational ministry.

Darwin K. Glassford, Ph.D. currently serves as Executive Pastor for Harderwyk Ministries (Holland, MI), and Director of Online Learning and Graduate Program Director at Kuyper College (Grand Rapids, MI). Prior to these appoints he served as a professor at Montreat College (Montreat, NC) and Calvin Theology Seminary (Grand Rapids, MI), and as an adjunct professor and DMin Program Director at Salt Lake Theological Seminary (Salt Lake City, UT).

Birthing Cross-Gen Ministries – Case Studies, Rich Melheim
In 2012 Faith Inkubators launched a ten year experiment to enrich faith formation systems with the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child in the same sacred spaced each week, and in each other’s prayers every night in every home. To date 6000 churches have entered the conversation and 36 models of Cross+Gen Ministry have been curated. Come see the energy and creativity of Cross+Gen!

Dr. Rich Melheim is an ordained Lutheran minister driven to connect the creativity of worship and educational pioneers. He specializes in systems  change, neruo-education, and the arts. He has founded two non-profits, two publishing companies, and has written 30 books, 500 songs, seven stage plays, and a ton of family resources. (

Leading Change – How to Move a Congregation from Age-Specific to Intergenerational Ministry, Jim Merhaut
Change is hard… even if it’s good change, but it is very doable! Change is also inevitable, so ask yourself this question: Will change manage you, or will you manage change? This workshop, based on insights from the field of organizational change including the concepts of innovation, reinvention, and adaptive leadership, will outline a proven process for change using examples associated with the transition from age-specific to intergenerational.

Jim Merhaut is a faith formation leader with over 30 years of experience. He is also the founder of Coaching to Connect, a leadership training and coaching business that he operates out of Youngstown, Ohio. He has taught and coached leaders throughout the world. Jim holds a master’s degree in religious education with an emphasis on adult formation. Jim also holds the PCC coaching credential from the International Coach Federation and is a graduate of the Institute for Life Coach Training. He is a co-author of Generations Together, and has authored many other publications on the topic of intergenerational faith formation and ministry leadership.

Sunday LIFT: Intergenerational Relationship-building on Sunday Mornings, Liz Perraud
Participants will explore an intentional method of bringing generations together around the table as a new way of doing Sunday school. GenOn Ministries’ Sunday LIFT (Living In Faith Together) is a flexible model with four components (breaking bread, studying God’s Word, playing, and praying) connected by a common theme. You’ll hear what we have learned from churches that have used LIFT since it was introduced in 2018.

Liz Perraud is Executive Director of GenOn Ministries. GenOn trains, resources, and supports Christian communities for discipleship through intergenerational relationships. Liz has over 25 years of experience in the field of Christian faith formation.

Confirmation – Intergenerational Possibilities in the Local Church, Meg Rift and Mark Hinds
Confirmation is rooted in the covenantal relationship between the confirmand and God, supported by the web of relationships among the congregation, mentors, and home. It is a natural setting for intergenerational relationships and activity as young people prepare to proclaim their faith, the faith of their elders, and participate in the life of the faith community. Explore the intergenerational possibilities that confirmation holds for your church.

Meg Rift is a pastor and educator. Mark Hinds is an educator (Ed.D.). Both have led Confirmation classes in various settings and were part of the editorial team for the new Presbyterian Confirmation curriculum Big God Big Questions. Meg and Mark are both editors with Geneva Press, part of Presbyterian Publishing Corporation in Louisville, KY.

Widening the Circle, Judyth Roberts
What if we could see things differently? Storytelling and wondering are things we can share no matter our age. What has Godly Play got to offer to intergenerational ministry contexts?

Judyth Roberts has been developing Intergen Leadership within the Uniting Church in Australia, working to identify and train lay leaders of all ages. She has extensive experience in areas of advocacy and strategic training with churches.  As an accredited Godly Play Australia Trainer, she demonstrates Godly Play storytelling and shares the theology and spiritual practice which underpins this methodology. She has written and blogged extensively on intergenerational ministry.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Seeing and Welcoming the Gifts of Young Children, Dawn Rundman
Seeing and welcoming the gifts of young children in our congregations helps us open up to new possibilities for intergenerational ministry. This workshop will explore the ways you can develop an early childhood lens to view your physical spaces, worship services, and other ministries in new, child-loving ways.

Dawn Rundman, PhD, is Director of Faith Formation Resources and Assistant Director of ELCA Relations at Augsburg Fortress, a publishing imprint of 1517 Media. She has developed curriculum, Bibles, videos, and other resources for children, youth, adults, and families for Augsburg Fortress and Sparkhouse, another 1517 Media imprint. Dawn recently authored Little Steps, Big Faith: How the Science of Early Childhood Development Can Help You Grow Your Child’s Faith. She speaks at churches, conferences, and other events about the intersections between early childhood development and faith formation. Dawn lives in Edina, Minnesota with her husband Jonathan and their two church-nerd-in-training children.

iGame: The Quintessential Intergenerational Intersection of Table Top Gaming, Jason Santos
It’s no secret that board games, card games, and party games have grown in popularity over the past decade in North American culture. It’s also no secret that Christian leaders have used games to help form children and youth in the faith for decades. What might be a secret, however, is the incredible potential for board games (and the like) to be a medium for intergenerational interaction and even Christian formation. This workshop will explore the possibilities table-top gaming offers for communal formation and how these interactions have the potential to reinvigorate cross-generational interaction in your congregation.

Rev. Jason Brian Santos, PhD, is the Mission Coordinator for Christian Formation at the Presbyterian Mission Agency. He is an ordained teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and holds a Ph.D in practical theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the author of A Community Called Taizé (IVP, 2008) and After Paradise (IVP Academic, forthcoming). He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Shannon and his two sons, Judah and Silas (aka Tutu). In his spare time, he plays and designs board games. 

The Generationally Intelligent Leader, Cory Seibel
Leading a local church within today’s complex multigenerational landscape isn’t always easy. This workshop introduces the theory of Generational Intelligence developed by Simon Biggs and Ariela Lowenstein and explores this framework’s relevance for church leaders. Attendees will be outfitted with valuable resources to aid them in navigating the generational challenges they encounter within their churches and within themselves.

Cory Seibel is Pastor of Lifelong Faith Formation at Central Baptist Church and Affiliate Professor of Spiritual Formation at Taylor Seminary, both located in Edmonton, Alberta. He aims to encourage and equip followers of Jesus to build extraordinary communities of faith in which people of all generations share life together. As a researcher, writer, and presenter, he strives to advance a creative, constructive vision of intergenerational ministry in today’s church. Cory completed the MTh degree through Spurgeon's College in London and the PhD in practical theology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

Intergenerating Existing Youth Ministry Programs: How Do We Do It?, Brenda Snailum
There are a growing number of leaders who desire to establish relationships between the youth and adults in their churches but are unsure and/or uneasy about how to effectively transition from an age-specific youth ministry model to an intergenerational one. They typically ask, “How do I get started? How do I get the rest of the congregation involved in this?” Some leaders have been successful, and, unfortunately, others have not. This practical workshop draws on real-life case studies and research of best practices and challenges that are critical to establishing intergenerational youth ministry within an existing congregation. We will include interactive discussion to give you insights for “intergenerating” your youth ministry.

Dr. Brenda Snailum is a professor of Youth & Family Studies at Denver Seminary. She has been a leader and educator in children’s, youth, and family ministry for over 30 years and is a well-respected voice in the intergenerational ministry conversation. She has led seminars on integrating youth and young adults into the church, published a number of articles on intergenerational ministry, and is a contributing author to Teaching the Next Generations (2016). She has a passion to see all generations welcomed, connected and contributing in the church in significant ways.

Connecting Generations for the Faith Practice of Generosity, Linda Staats
Stewardship, a ministry that is often approached with dread by congregational leaders, offers an opportunity to introduce an intergenerational approach that builds Spirit-filled, joyful relationships across the age span. “The Generosity Project” is based on proven IG fundamentals and practices for bringing all ages together that are easily translated into any ministry focus.  In this interactive workshop participants will experience a “sampler plate” of IG interaction as they embody God’s Story of abundance and exchange stories of Sharing, Saving and Spending. 

Linda Staats is a national speaker and workshop leader, curriculum writer, consultant, leadership coach and owner of HomeGrown Faith ( She serves the ELCA Churchwide expression, bringing a cross+gen approach to Stewardship, Discipleship and Global Mission. Linda has served two ELCA regional judicatory offices as Assistant to the Bishop for Faith Formation.

Connecting the Generations through Milestones Celebrations, Debbie Streicher
A milestone is a meaningful, memorable moment in the lives of individuals of all ages. There are countless milestone moments that can become pivotal times when all ages embrace an opportunity to be together and recognize God in that moment. Losing a tooth, getting a driver’s license, moving into assisted living, and becoming a grandparent are just a few examples. In this workshop, participants will learn five basic steps to create a milestone moment to use in an intergenerational setting for the home, congregation, or community.

Debbie has facilitated and developed faith formation programs for all ages in the congregational setting for more than 25 years. She is Co-Director of Milestones Ministry.  She has consulted and led events across the United States, Canada, and Australia for congregations focusing on the importance of establishing intergenerational faith practices in the congregation and in the home. Her background is in language. Debbie uses her knowledge and experience learned from teaching foreign languages as a tool to engage all ages in learning ways to become immersed in the language of faith.

Moving from “Multi-generational” to a Truly “Intergenerational” Faith Community, Tammy Tolman
The move from multi-generational church to an “intergenerational faith community” seems to be a step too big for many to take. So, what are the small steps/key elements we need to consider that will help us as leaders to move forward toward a more wholistic intergenerational church?  

Tammy Tolman is the founding Pastor of an Intergenerational Creative Arts community in Australia. Tammy has been actively involved in Ministry to children and their families for 30 years. Married for 30 years and with 2 children aged 21 and18 years old, Tammy is a trained teacher (Diploma of Teaching) and has a Degree In Theology from ACOM (Australian College of Ministry). She has written two books and multiple resources that help leaders effectively minister to children and their families all over the world. Tammy speaks at Conferences throughout Australia, NZ, USA, Lebanon, UK, Asia and Cambodia. She is passionate to see the “family of God” be empowered to grow and walk the life long journey of faith together. 

Small Church Self-Esteem Needs, Olivia Updegrove
The small church may be one of the last places where intergenerational experiences are the only experiences. There is no time, money, or energy to become programmatically driven. Thus, all ages must seek healthy ways to be Christ-driven. In our current society, however, the program-driven mentality places rewards on quantity over quality. Helping small congregations discover their Christ-centered treasures of faith across intergenerational lines can be a counter-cultural challenge. This workshop would break down how the small church is able to be a leader in setting the example of what it means to be a faithful Body of Christ that includes all ages.

Being a Family of Faith is not Something to “do,” but a way to “BE!”, Olivia Updegrove
All people know that “one size fits all” really fits no one. The same is true for ways to be faithful as a family. There are lots of great resources, programs, and ideas. The question is how to figure out which ones work best for your over-scheduled, underwhelmed, and “What’s for dinner?” family. Many adults feel guilty, ill-equipped, stressed, overtired, and confused on how to even begin. Clergy worried about quality, quantity, and question everything. Our fear of doing it “wrong” has stopped all of us from trying anything on. This workshop will give us time to brainstorm and try on some of the great possibilities for ways to have our families engage in faith daily… or at least every now and then. 

Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove is the Minister for Families and Children for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  She currently has two children’s books published, What is God? and Who is Jesus?. She completed her doctoral work at Claremont School of Theology with an emphasis in applying acting methods to preaching preparation. She has worked with kids, youth, and young adults at various stages of her ministry, and has a deep passion for biblical education for all ages as a foundation for deeper spiritual growth.