There are only a few weeks left to register for InterGenerate!

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Karen's Nine Reasons to Attend InterGenerate

  1. It’s just the right size. InterGenerate will be large enough to hear diverse stories and small enough to connect personally with those who are telling them.
  2. It includes a wide range of experienced presenters. I can’t wait to learn from and to swap stories with authors, ministry leaders, and others who have been nurturing growth in an intergenerational field for years. 
  3. It’s ecumenical. I’m looking forward to hearing about what is happening in intergenerational ministry in other denominations in addition to sharing what is happening in my own.
  4. The LOGOS experience. We get to gather around a table and experience a meal in LOGOS style. Yum!
  5. Lilly Lewin’s sacred spaces. I’ve experienced the sacred prayer and worship spaces set up by Lilly Lewin at other conferences and I’m looking forward to spending time in them again.
  6. What Bethany said. Faith is formed in groups where everyone belongs. I want to learn more about ways to create that kind of culture.
  7.  This video. 
  8. The price is right. For only $350.00 you get to attend all conference presentations, participate in all activities, get a free WE Event from Faith Alive Resources (valued at more than $100!) and eat FOUR delicious meals. There's also a discounted rate for Canadians (like me!)
  9. One word: Nashville.

Register today by clicking the button at the top of this page, and follow the Intergenerate Facebook page to connect with others  who want to learn  more about ways to be age inclusive communities of faith.

I can’t wait to InterGenerate. How about you?

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Why Intergenerate?

If you want to bring the generations together in your church, this is the conference designed just for you!

Participants are coming from Canada, the UK, Australia, and South Africa, and from about twenty-three states (so far). Christians from a wide spectrum of traditions have registered, including those from Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed, Seventh Day Adventist, the Uniting Church of Australia, the Vineyard, and several community churches.

All this to say, it will be a rich, thick conversation, and we hope you will join us.

InterGenerate is a conference designed for both practitioners and academics seeking to enhance life-long faith formation through intergenerational Christian experiences. Senior pastors, professors, age-level ministers, sociologists, church consultants - anyone who seeks to better understand and ultimately cultivate more intentionally intergenerational discipleship practices will find something at InterGenerate.

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What is Intergenerate?


We believe that intergenerational Christian experiences uniquely nurture Christian spiritual formation across all ages, and we’re committed to promoting intergenerational practices in faith communities. How? By bringing together practitioners and academics from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions to

  • disseminate current intergenerational research,
  • discern common intergenerational principles,
  • discuss the challenges and benefits of intergenerational ministry, and
  • share effective intergenerational practices.

At InterGenerate, ministry leaders will be inspired, empowered, and equipped to implement more intergenerational approaches in their faith communities and researchers will have opportunities to share their findings and encourage one another. Along the way, both groups will interact with one another, creating a collaborative synergy that will generate fresh intergenerational ministry implications and perspectives. Sound exciting? We think so!

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The Intergenerate Team

GenOn Ministries ( ) and Lipscomb University’s Institute of Christian Spirituality ( ) are partnering with the InterGenerate Task Force to convene the conference.