Thank you for being a part of the inaugural InterGenerate event!

It was a beautiful success with close to 150 participants from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa as well as from 25 states. People from a broad range of Christian traditions participated: Anglican, Catholic, Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed, Seventh Day Adventists, the Uniting Church of Australia, and several community churches. 

Participants were senior pastors, professors, graduate and doctoral students, children’s ministers, youth ministers, small groups ministers, curriculum writers, Christian education directors, and other church leaders. 

It was a wonderfully diverse, engaged group of people passionately interested in bringing the generations together in our churches. Feedback has been, in a word, phenomenal.

Check out our Facebook page for posted responses, comments, and insights, and for updates on follow-up and opportunities to hear recordings and other insights from this first event.

We are already planning InterGenerate 2019! Come join the conversation ...

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Why Intergenerate?

If you want to bring the generations together in your church, this is the conference designed just for you!

InterGenerate is a conference designed for both practitioners and academics seeking to enhance life-long faith formation through intergenerational Christian experiences. Senior pastors, professors, age-level ministers, sociologists, church consultants - anyone who seeks to better understand and ultimately cultivate more intentionally intergenerational discipleship practices will find something at InterGenerate.

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What is Intergenerate?


We believe that intergenerational Christian experiences uniquely nurture Christian spiritual formation across all ages, and we’re committed to promoting intergenerational practices in faith communities. How? By bringing together practitioners and academics from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions to

  • disseminate current intergenerational research,
  • discern common intergenerational principles,
  • discuss the challenges and benefits of intergenerational ministry, and
  • share effective intergenerational practices.

At InterGenerate, ministry leaders will be inspired, empowered, and equipped to implement more intergenerational approaches in their faith communities and researchers will have opportunities to share their findings and encourage one another. Along the way, both groups will interact with one another, creating a collaborative synergy that will generate fresh intergenerational ministry implications and perspectives. Sound exciting? We think so!

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The Intergenerate Team

GenOn Ministries ( ) and Lipscomb University’s Institute of Christian Spirituality ( ) are partnering with the InterGenerate Task Force to convene the conference.