My InterGenerate Story: Olivia Bryan Updegrove

I do not want to go to another “conference.” I want to go to an experience where I can engage with practitioners and academics beyond, “We have five minutes for questions.” I want to build relationships that will last beyond a quick “after session” conversation.

Intergenerate is limited in its number of participants so that those sitting next to you can also inspire you as much as those in front of you. We are working to make sure that those in front of you have ways to sit beside you, and together we create a foundation that can bring ways for God to work at all ages and stages of life across many denominations. 

Intergenerate is ministry in its simplest and most profound form. It is a call to be God’s community in intentional, inclusive, and relational ways. 

Intergenerate will have new voices, experienced voices, inspired voices, and your voice. You will leave with lots of information and ideas, but most importantly, you will leave with new people working alongside you as we all seek to be the church, together. 

I can’t wait to hear you voice! Join us!